LG Unveils Big, Pricey Plasma TV

So ya like plasma screens do ya? How does 71 inches of screen throbbing goodness grab ya? Ya, I thought so. When I first heard about it myself, I actually felt my eyes well up with excitement.

Seventy one inches, man just saying that out loud makes a man want to dance a jig. What makes this monumental is that this is (to my knowledge) the biggest plasma screen available anyplace.

The wide-screen TV is capable of displaying high-definition 1080-line progressive scan video and went on sale in LG’s home market last week. It comes packaged with a home theater system, speakers, and a set-top box receiver for digital terrestrial broadcasting, says Karen Park, a spokesperson for LG.

As if having the world’s largest PDP TV in the living room wasn’t enough for their customers, LG has painted parts of the TV and the various components with 24-carat gold paint. The result is that the world’s largest PDP TV is also the world’s most expensive, according to LG. The package will set customers back a cool $75,700, says Park.