MSI DR16-B DVD +/- R/RW review

All in all, this review was pretty standard stuff. But as I continued to read on I found that there was an attention to something that I do not always see often enough in DVD Burner reviews – a hard look at the software.

Yup, they did an excellent job at working with what works and what wasn’t working in the software area. Not only that, but they alert you to a needed firmware upgrade to boot!

When CDRW burners first arrived on the scene, there was a standards war on which CD rewritable standard would reign. Eventually, -RW won the fight, bringing with it better compatibility with multiple devices than the +RW standard. Unfortunately for the consumer, a new standards war occurred in the DVD writing world, further confusing the buyer.

Given the DVD burner standards war (which is pretty much a moot point now), rather than settling into one specific standard, many DVD burners today support multiple standards. They have also gotten much faster, currently topping out at 16X burn speeds. A new technology this past year that has emerged is Dual-Layer Technology. No longer do studio DVDs need to be compressed as dual-layer writable DVDs can store up to 8.5GB of data. Copyrights are of course a different story, but that should be a given, right? 😉