Smile, and the World Emoticons with You

What’s the big deal about emoticons? I love ’em as much as the next e-mail or messenger addict, but… not to the point where I’m going to pay for a set! Are there really people who buy smilies? Most IM clients come with a good default set, and I’ve never felt the need to express my emotion with micropayments. Yeah, I can see how they liven up e-mail messages, forum postings, IM programs, et al – for free. Is there an emoticon for “likes to insert free smilies?”

One Gnomie comments: True dat Chris. I was wondering about that as well. But, I figure if you really need to, you can have your own custom emoticons and put those in there. I have been having a lot of fun editing the default emoticons on MSN and combining them with others. For instance, like the top half of the ‘:o’ and the bottom half of the ‘:)’ is actually quite funny looking.

It’s just a face, folks. The Top 8 smiley sites from the ODP include: