Image Morphing

Q: I’d like to do some wacky image morphing, but I don’t want to pay any money for software that’ll do this. Do you have a free recommendation?

A: You can’t deny the fact that image morphing looks super cool. All of us have seen this technique used in movies and on television. You may think that this effect is reserved only for Hollywood, but that’s just not true. We have computers, which means that we have the technology to do some rather impressive stuff, too. Image morphing software is out there, and free options can be picked out of the batch. One of the options that I found to be rather capable is Sqirlz Morph.

The free software can perform image morphs from two or more images. You can opt to just open two images and let the program do its thing, but if you want to produce the best morphs, you’ll have to be a little more precise. The software lets you work with things called control points, which help the software to figure out how it should morph the images. Your job involves outlining the key features of your images with these control points. Once you’ve properly laid them out, customize the available options, and then export your movie as a Flash SWF file or an AVI movie. The results look pretty good, and you can finally turn your puny self into The Hulk.

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