Graphics Apps A-Go-Go!

Boy, have I got some exciting news for you 3D animators out there! Are you paying through the nose, the ears, and maybe your mouth, as well, for a piece of software? Well check out Blender3D – it is Open Source and there is a Windows Installer!

Are you jealous of people using VISIO with fancy graphics and dragging objects around, having them stay connected? Don’t you just wish you could afford such a really nice way to draw simple diagrams for your networks, or program flowcharts or workflows in your company?

Well, take heart; there is the Open source alternative called Dia. It’s the Spanish word for day, but I have no idea what the connection is. But be warned it Requires GTK+ and installing everything on Windows is not for everyone. If you have a friend who knows what GTK+ is, then go ahead, otherwise you may want to save yourself the aggravation. If you want to try anyway then download the Windows Installer for GIMP ( GNU Image Manipulation Program) and grab what you need.

Now for you graphics geeks out there who know how to use Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), there is Inkscape. It is still only 0.4.0 but very useable for the adventourous.

Is this program ready for use?

Yes, while it’s far from being a replacement for commercialware, the codebase provides for a large portion of basic vector editing capabilities. We strive to follow Sodipodi’s tradition of always keeping the codebase usable for real users, as we believe that a tight iteration cycle between users and developers will give best results.