Atlantis Redux Reviewed

Right off the bat, if those are the screen shots for Atlantis Redux, then I am off to buy a Pocket PC! The game looks amazing in detail and from what I hear, the sound isn’t half bad either.

The one feature about this game that really took my breath away – voices. According to the PDA Buyer’s Guide, this games actually plays characters voices on the PDA enabled game! Crazy!

You are a female archeologist who has information that leads her to believe there are ancient Egyptian ruins in the Hoggar desert. You move from the desert to strange areas with Egyptian pyramids and temples. Right at the start of the game, you can tell the game will be filled with mystical worlds and puzzles. The whole game is filled with mind-bending puzzles to keep you entertained. You may even ask other people that you know for help while you play Atlantis Redux and it may even become a good conversation topic for you to use. In other words, some of these puzzles are hard, and may become frustrating, but they make the game more fun to play. All of this adds up to many hours of play, so you get what you paid for. There are plenty of characters in the game, and I think there are enough to make the game entertaining, while not too many so the game is not confusing. All of the characters have different personalities, some are good and some are bad. All of the characters help to move the game along, for the better, or for the worse.