Pricing dropping on new T4000 Tablet PC?

Fujitsu makes a decent notebook PC. Besides that, I hear that they make a nice Tablet PC as well. Keeping that in mind, they have decided it is time to drop the price on their T4000 Tablet PC.

Not to be confused with an act of charity, rest assured that they realize their sales will increase dramatically if the price does in fact come down. While the T4000 is a computer worth having, I think people are still waiting to understand the advantages of owning such a contraption. Having said that, the price drop will hopefully help with this need for understanding.

Fujitsu Canada has been shipping its new LifeBook T4000 Tablet PC this month and during the first week of December will drop the price to attract more users.

The second-generation tablet replaces its thin and light LifeBook T3000 Tablet PC that was targeted at vertical markets and didn’t house a modular bay. The new LifeBook T4000 has been shipping throughout November at a Canadian price point of $2,799.

According to Tamara Keserovic, Fujitsu Canada’s marketing manager, mobile computing products, resellers will be able to start selling the device at $2,649 in early December.

“The reason being has nothing to do with the adoption rate of the product, it’s just that we have seen a lot of success for a relatively new product launch and we want to capitalize on that even further and lower prices and start selling tons of volume,” Keserovic said. “Because we have seen a lot of success with the T4000 convertible form factor in the consumer market, we wanted to capture that market and hit a sub-$2,500 price point.”