iRiver iFP-900 and N10 Launched

iRiver has announced two of their much talked-about flash players officially into the US market, the iFP-900 and the N10. Both are solid players, but a bit on the pricey side in the soon-burgeoning flash player market. The N10 is the black pendant player with the integrated headphones in the strap–it’s nice looking, if you’re into that sort of thing. And with the way its strap and shape is designed, it ends up laying flat better than some other players do that bounce around as you walk.

Suggested price for the iFP-900 is $200 for a 256MB model–that’s too expensive–and $149 for the N10 in a 128MB version. That’s expensive as well, but I’d almost suggest it as a spare music player—depending on what you’re wearing.

FULL STORY via Gizmodo

iM told that iRiver has a pretty nice product, some even dare to say that it’s better than the iPod or iPod Photo. I, personally, haven’t had the chance to play with the latest iRiver gadgetry, but it sure looks expensive, and nice.

$200 for a 256MB model seems like it’s sure up there on the pricing scale. I know for sure that memory isn’t what’s driving that price up, and I’m not quite sure what exactly is. Whatever the case, if you’re shopping for somebody this holiday season, and they happen to be a fashion person, who’s also looking for the latest toy…this could be a hit.