Tom Peters’ Project04

I’ve learned a lot from Tom Peters especially from The Pursuit of Wow! Compared to this and past books, Project04: Snapshots of Excellence in Unstable Times is disappointing.

In it, he shares 60 TIBs (This I believe). According to the publisher, “The overarching message in Project ’04 is that your job, and life as you know it, is not stable, predictable, or secure. Project ’04 is a narrative on finding your own personal excellence.” It also states one of its targets is job seekers. I live with a person who has been searching for jobs as his full-time job. I didn’t see anything in the book that would help him.

Peters, as always, gives it to you straight. No beating around the bush, and I like that. This book is no different. It just doesn’t motivate, empower, or encourage you to take action. To me, it’s about stating the reality of today’s environment. The way it is written doesn’t make you want to go out and change or try something. When I finished reading it, I felt like I gained little from it. I picked up a few excellent quotes, but that’s all. I was surprised.

Maybe I missed something. You can get a good idea of what the short book is about at ChangeThis. The free download has the 60 TIBs, which constitutes over three-quarters of the book. He has a blog and other resources on his site. If you disagree, comment away. [ Comment… ]