What’s a Few Slaps Among Friends?

Short Consulting had a busy night last night and I’m having a busy day today. Part one of today’s work is done.

Slap Yo Face Off has finally released December’s slaps after a few delays.

I think this month’s crop of slap videos were worth the wait. JB the Slap Puppet, BigO, Slap Jim, and my voice all make appearances this month. So head on over to Slap Yo Face Off to check out the new videos, then go to the Slap Yo Face Off Forums and see what’s up with all the new slaps, and be sure to vote for the Slap of the Month.

Now move along, I have work to do.

UPDATE (1239 EST): Turns out that two of the fan submitted slap videos for December have been bogarted off other web sites. This is a big no, no. The guy who stole the videos in question and sent them in to us as if they were his should be slapped by the entire Slap Yo Face Off staff.