Fitaly RC1 for VGA Windows Mobile

Boy is my stylus tired. That poor piece of plastic travels around in what feels like endless circles on the Windows Mobile virtual keyboard. Let’s face it: QWERTY is just fine for us humans; after all, we typically use two hands to type and the QWERTY keyboard helps load-balance the work! But the stylus? There’s only one end to it, so why torture it with a QWERTY layout, esecially now that it gets to touch all of those nice VGA screens!

Instead of continued extra travel, give the gift of Fitaly to your stylus this holiday season. Release Candidate 1 of Fitaly 3.5 for Windows Mobile SE is fully VGA compatible and available to download. Give it a try and then be sure to send me a thank you note when “What is Fitaly?” is the Jeopardy Daily Double answer for the “Input Methods” category.

Fitaly 3.5 rc1 supports the full functionality of Fitaly, including the glossaries and shortcut expansion. As you will see, the menus to open glossaries and save them are now displayed in the bottom bar, following the Win Mobile 2003 SE standard.
This version also achieves a substantial reduction in size by using a new approach for loading bitmaps. The new executable is only 59 KB even smaller than Fitaly 3. The bitmaps are now loaded on demand and take approximately 10 KB at any time. This size reduction should be appreciated in devices where driver size is a problem.
Another advantage of the new approach is that it will make it easier for third parties to develop alternate skins for Fitaly: All 52 bitmaps used by Fitaly are in a new FitalyImage folder where they can easily be replaced.