Holiday price drop on the Cybook

If you’re an eBook reader on the go, consider the Bookeen Cybook. I have one under review for the next few weeks and have initial thoughts on my blog, with more comments every few days.
Bookeen just dropped the price from $738 to $499 for the holidays, so if you’re considering a standalone eBook reader, now is a great time. The Cybook sports a 10″ color LCD, integrated USB, passive touch screen, built in modem and more. A PCMCIA card slot allows for adding wireless cards or CF memory with an adaptor. Since the Cybook is built off of Windows CE, you can also browse the web with IE, edit Pocket Word documents, listen to your favorite digital music and more.

The Cybook is the world’s first true open multi-format e-book reader; it supports many e-book formats like PRC, PDB, HTML, RTF and TXT. No more printing, with the Cybook you can read all the digital documents you want.
The Motorola MPC823e processor provides performance in a very power-efficient design. Thanks to its innovative video software acceleration, you can browse the pages of your e-books without any latency.
Between these smart power-saving technologies and high-capacity batteries, you are able to go and read longer between charges (3 to 5 hours).
The PCMCIA expansion slot lets you add anything from memory to Ethernet or Wi-Fi cards. Expand the pleasure. Pump up your memory to several GB with the latest CompactFlash cards. Store all the e-books, music and photos you want. And because the Cybook runs the Windows CE operating system, numerous other software, cards and features are to come.