Video killed the Podca-Star?

Many of you may be big fans or are starting to get your feet wet with Podcasting, the new phenomena that has started to spread across the web where individuals create mp3 broadcasts distributed through RSS feeds to express their views and thoughts in a talk radio format. Some of the most popular being Phillip Torrone and Lenn Pryor from Engadget, Dave Winer’s The Scripting News and 2600(the Hacking journal). Some other great shows to have a virtual ear on is Adam Curry (the creator of ipodder as well of MTV VJ fame) and one of my personal favorites KenRadio. There are already several sites listing podcasting feeds or offering variations on podcasting aggregators, such as , iPodderX and Curry’s There are several bands I know of that are looking into having live shows or demo songs distributed in this manner. The next evolutionary step looks to be “videocasting”. With the increase in bandwidth and demand for more technology shows this would work great on devices made for video like Media Center PCs, Portable Media Players, PDAs and Smartphones and can possibly be the next medium for rising stars on the internet.

In a quick search of the web there are already applications out there like Vogbrowser (with a viewer that is in the works on sourceforge later ), which offers video feeds to which people can subscribe, much like they do with RSS feeds and this looks to be a great way to distribute home movies, independent films, and homegrown news say coverage of a conference. There are more products like this on the way. Take for instance, which already offers services like podcasting ,but also offer RSS links for talk radio, audio, pictures, BitTorrent content, and video. Some other simlar sites have similar content like

Right now there isn’t much video content available, most of the “legal” content mainly consists of lectures, tutorials, and how-tos, but I am sure it will soon be catching and spreading soon like most internet based technologies tend to do. I would love to see similar content like Webcasts start to become available as well. I will now have even more geekier content to view (since TechTV has gone down the tubes) on my Windows Media Center PC when there is nothing good to watch on TV or even take it with me on my Portable Media Center. Now only if the bandwith on these video servers can handle it…unless they too use bittorrent like or another form of a distributed computing project. I am sure there will be plugins available for both podcasting and videocasting on Media Center PCs and their ilk soon and maybe already in the works. Videocasting looks to be the next viable replacement for podcasting, which should be around for quite sometime…