Awesome VOIP Telephone Plan Comparison

VOIP rocks! Faithful Gnomies might remember that I signed up for AT&T’s CallVantage Voice Over IP telephone service this past summer. It’s been six months and I’m still digging it. The overall VOIP call quality is excellent and I’ve slashed my monthly phone bills by more than half. With unlimited long distance, I can yak to my heart’s content without watching the proverbial egg-timer each time I make a call. Now that the VOIP market is burgeoning, I’ve gotten off my duff and put a chart together, comparing the plans …

The chart currently includes VOIP plans from AT&T, Lingo, Packet8, Verizon, and Vonage. I’ll be adding more providers as time permits.

Among the big players, the most popular features like voice mail, call waiting, call forwarding, caller ID, and 3-way calling are provided at no extra charge. Tell that to your local phone company the next time they try selling them to you at extra cost!

While we’ve come to take free unlimited long distance for granted with the VOIP plans, my digging has turned up some interesting options with regard to international calling. How about unlimited calls to Asia or Europe?

If you’re thinking about going with a VOIP plan, the chart is a must read.

VOIP Telephone Plans Comparison, continued