Cool Site of the Day

Finding interesting content on the Internet can be a challenge. There are billions of Web pages out there, and it’s common knowledge that you’re going to have to sift through a bunch of junk in order to get to the good stuff. People have different ways of discovering great content – some use search engines, while others may just randomly click on links from well-respected sites. Whatever you do, it’s always enjoyable to find a cool resource on the Internet. In order to receive a new site recommendation each day, check out Cool Site of the Day.

This site has been around for a ridiculously long time, and thousands of people turn to it when looking for new content that’s actually decent. Check the site daily if you’d like to see what their recommendation is, or you can just subscribe to their e-mail newsletter so you can receive the latest features in your Inbox. The Random Cool Site Generator is a nice feature, and their archives cannot be missed. The database contains all of the sites that they have featured from August of 1994 to the present. You could spend hours upon hours just surfing through everything. When you get tired of browsing through your regular stops, visit Cool Site of the Day to find some fresh recommendations.