Upgrading to Thunderbird and Firefox 1.0

Over the past few days, I have had a number of people emailing me asking how they can successfully upgrade their Firefox and Thunderbird programs. The main fear seems to be that if they try to upgrade outright, there might be a loss of data.

The joys of version 1.0-

Since the creation of version 1.0 for both programs, a lot of old bugs have been resolved. For one thing, I have found that both programs can be upgraded easily without any need to do a clean install of the programs. I can’t remember which version of Thunderbird it was; but one of the older ones caused some major headaches if it was installed over the old one.

The issues corrected with Firefox 1.0 were definitely welcomed in my world, let me tell ya. Do any of you remember that bug that would cause an error to popup when you clicked on a Firefox URL shortcut from your desktop? Well, if you do then you’ll be thrilled to hear that this does seem to have been resolved. My thoughts on it are quite simple, thank goodness!

Enough talk, let’s backup-

Okay, you know that the upgrade can take place without any concern of data loss. Still, it might not hurt to backup the critical data from the Application Data folder if you are still feeling a bit squeamish. The actual backup is pretty basic stuff for the most part. Just download the install program and then run it. This is the case for both Thunderbird and Firefox.

Backing up after the upgrade-

Just because you have your email program running well now, does not mean that something won’t come along and wipe everything out for you. Since prevention is not always an option, having your email data backed up safe and sound is certainly a wise idea. The program that I like for this task called Mozbackup. Designed to work with Thunderbird, Firefox and the Mozilla suite, this utility will enable you to save both your email and your email settings.

Those of you that already have this program installed may have discovered that it is not detecting your 1.0 version of Thunderbird and Firefox. It is usually figured out as you go to make a new backup. Since it is not showing up correctly, the easiest course of action is to simply uninstall and then reinstall the Mozbackup program.