Wireless Networking Hammerin’

The wireless network in my house went haywire. It worked on three PCs, one had a horrible connection, and one can’t connect. Between Paul and me, we spent a lot of time researching and trying to figure out the problem. We narrowed down the possibilities few by doing tests. Paul is the network king in our house and I learned a bit in working with him. In fact, I solved the problem… temporarily.

I believe the wireless on the router is bad. It works fine when we hook miles of cable to it (I’ve tripped over them, knocked things down, and chased after a toddler who grabbed one.). I’m tired of looking at the cables, so we’re contacting the maker of this router as well as hunting for deals for a new wireless router with g (as in 802.11g). Here are some of the tricks and troubleshooting tips I’ve learned in playing with the router. [ Read more ]