Multiple Outlook Express Signatures

Q: Is it possible to have multiple signatures in Outlook Express 6? It would be really nice if I could switch between them for different purposes.

A: Let’s say that you use one e-mail address for both work and personal e-mail. There’s a good chance that the signature for your work correspondence will differ from the way you’d like to sign personal e-mail messages to your friends. Thankfully, Outlook Express gives you the flexibility to store multiple signatures within the e-mail client.

To get started, open Outlook Express and go to the Tools menu. Select Options and click on the Signatures tab at the top of the window. From here, you can add all of the signatures that you desire. Once you’ve finished entering in the appropriate data, apply the changes and create a new e-mail message. When you get down to the body of your message, go up the Insert menu at the top of the message and move your cursor down to Signature. This is where you can choose which signature to append to the bottom of your message. Simply click on which one you want, and it’ll be inserted into the body of the e-mail.

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