Aspyr Updates Game Agent

Now here is a must have for anyone that takes their PC gaming remotely seriously. The Aspyr Updates Game Agent software is designed to make sure you have the hardware you need to enjoy the games you are wanting to play.

It may seem overly simple to some, but trust me. This software can come in handy as can be, folks.

Aspyr has released version 1.0.1 of Aspyr Game Agent, the company’s free utility that allows users to easily match their computer hardware with system requirements of various games. Users who have already downloaded the original Game Agent can get the update simply by running the application.

This version adds several updates, including detecting a broader range of video cards, fixing bugs on Macs with multiple video cards, and a new help system that answers many of users’ most frequently asked questions about Game Agent.

If you haven’t downloaded Aspyr Game Agent yet, head ove to to download it.