File Association Wackiness

Q: My file associations seem to be completely out of order. Where do I go in Windows XP to find a listing of all of the formats that I can modify?

A: Certain program installations may attempt to hold your file associations hostage, and this usually leads to problems with opening your files the way you want. They’re your files, and you should be able to reclaim your control over how they open. There are simple ways to change the association for a single file format, but it may be more satisfactory to get the entire list.

Windows XP provides you with a simple way to change how your files open. To get there, open up the Control Panel and select Folder Options. Click on the File Types tab at the top of the window to see a listing of all the registered file types on your system. Let’s say that your MP3 files are opening in Windows Media Player when you’d rather have them open in iTunes. To easily resolve this format wackiness, just scroll down to the MP3 extension, select it, and click on the Change button. From here you’ll see a list of recommended programs (iTunes will most likely be there if you have it installed) and other software options that are available. Since you want to use iTunes, just select it and click on OK. Continue to do this for all of the other formats that you’d like to tweak, and your files will actually begin to obey you.

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