Feeding Frenzy

Everyone’s seen or experienced an aquarium screensaver, but imagine if that
aquarium screensaver were actually an interactive arcade game. You’re an
individual fish that has to eat smaller fish to survive while avoiding
bigger fish that want to eat you. That’s what Feeding Frenzy is all about. We
were skeptical about this particular game, but minutes after installing it,
we were hooked!

Feeding Frenzy plays like this – you move your fish around the screen using
your mouse. You start out as a small fry, but will quickly grow in size as
you eat more and more fish. Make sure to look at your Food Chain Meter to
figure out what’s OK for you to eat! If you try to eat a fish that’s bigger
than you are, you get eaten yourself. Do this too many times and it’s game
over. As you advance through the game, new options and powers become
available to you, including bonus levels that challenge you to eat as many
fish for a specific time interval as possible. As you advance to new levels,
you’ll become a bigger fish with additional properties. The in-game help
screens also provide you with hints on what certain predators and
objects can do to impede your progress on gorging!

A second mode of play is based on a timer. You are allotted a certain
interval when you first start. If you complete a specific level under the
timer, your seconds are added to your next round.

Since there are 40 ever-more-difficult levels, it’s as
challenging as Ricochet and you’ll actually develop very good hand / mouse
coordination. A nice bonus is that after
continuous play, you build enough points that award you with an
actual Windows XP marine aquarium screensaver being installed on
your PC. Rating a game in graphics, animation, creativity, and
addictiveness, we give Feeding Frenzy a 4.7 out of 5.0.

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