Blinx 2

If this game was to be described in a word, what would it be? Generic! Yes, this game does not really seem to standout at all. What is it with Xbox games lately? Ever since Halo 2, it is like they figure that the rest of the game selection can safely remain crap and no one is going to mind.

While the developers did in fact try to make Blinx 2 an improved version of the first one, it seems that it needs to add a little something before I would bother to rent it..

Following on the heels of the 2002 release Blinx: The Time Sweeper, comes a follow up which tries to improve and expand the gameplay that made the first game somewhat unique, yet distinguish itself from its predecessor. What Artoon has released to us via Microsoft Game Studios is an improvement on the original, with added features such as two “classes” of character to play and some split screen multiplayer modes. But does it warrant a purchase?Gameplay: The game’s story is a very generic, overused and under developed one involving giant time crystals, cats that sweep garbage (and work in a time factory) through time, and a group of pigs called the Tom Tom Gang who desire the time crystals for their evil purposes.

Each race of characters has a different set of skills available to them: The time sweeping cats control time, be that the ability to pause time, rewind, or record; while the Tom Tom Gang can manipulate space with such special moves as creating a black hole in while you can move freely underground a level for a period of time, or throwing a grenade type object which creates a bubble which can suck the life out of your enemies.