Every User's New Year's Resolution

As the Old Year draws to a close, it’s time to think about what we have in store next year. It brought me to mention something that I’ve lately had shoved in my face. Oh, it wasn’t terribly painful, but it did surprise me a great deal.

Here’s what set me back on my heels- no-one complains any more.

Now, I’m quite sure you think I’ve been sampling the egg nog a little too much, but what I’m finding is that it’s true, at least from a software publisher’s viewpoint. Oh, I’m quite sure that giants like Microsoft see their share of complaints, but what I’m finding out is that smaller companies (and that means MOST companies) aren’t getting coherent complaints or feedback any more.

In other words, people who can say more than “Hey! This thing don’t work no more, ya know?” aren’t passing complaints back to software companies, so that they can fix what’s wrong. I’m guessing here, but I think that people have been so disillusioned by trying to deal with the Big Boys that they think that ANY feedback is futile.

Being the kind of p.i.t.a that doesn’t mind complaining to anyone at any time, I get a lot of appreciation from software authors. Simply by complaining. I give them what they tell me they want most- constructive criticism. They say they can’t fix things they don’t know are broke. So complaining, in the right way, is GOOD. And to make it even better, it can easily result in them changing their software to reflect a good suggestion.

That’s the way I operate, so I know it’s true. It’s gotten me more than my share of thanks for the help I give them. Most of the time, it’s things that anyone could have told them, just as easily, but no-one ever did.

So, if you want a New Year’s Resolution that should be EASY to keep, complain!