New DVD Recorder Supports Nero Digital

DVD recorders are really coming down a path that is beginning to impress me. Take the DP-558 DVD recorder manufactured by KiSS Technology for instance. This bad boy supports access to your PC files, live TV and recording of TV programs not to mention, access to WebRadio and online games!

A new DVD recorder from KiSS Technology supports files in Nero Digital (TM) format, an MPEG-4 audio & video format for CE and home entertainment devices.

The DP-558 DVD recorder manufactured by KiSS Technology, supports direct access to PC files, live television, unlimited, comfortable recording of TV programs as well as online applications such as WebRadio and online games that can be enjoyed on the television screen. It is easy to experience Nero Digital(TM) file formats live on TV with this unit: Simply install the Nero Recode 2 CE DVD transcoding software on your PC. Convert any existing video file into the Nero Digital(TM) format, and you can already play these back on the DVD recorder. The special network functions of the product enable a connection between the KiSS DVD recorder and a PC or Mac. Your favourite Nero Digital(TM) files can be stored and played back on the DVD recorder itself, by means of its integrated 80-gigabyte hard disk, without having to turn on the PC or having to burn and insert a CD or DVD. You only need to key the IP address of the DP-558 into the Internet browser of the PC to view the entire contents of the hard disk of the DVD recorder. Finally, you can simply copy all the Nero Digital(TM) Audio, Video and picture files onto the DP-558 and rename them all on the hard disk from your PC. And all television programs that have already been recorded can be transferred and copied onto a DVD on your PC just as easily with Nero Digital(TM).