Interactive Data Visualization With OmniScope

Iokio Omniscope is a desktop tool that allows direct visualization of database/spreadsheet data while providing powerful filter/search capabilities. Omniscope is a great new tool to publish, visually explore and interactively search through complex datasets online.

Omniscope turns your data into interactive visualizations that can be viewed by Web visitors with a freely downloadable viewer and that can be fully integrated in a Web page without requiring a separate tool to access the visual data.

With Omniscope, selecting and identifying your ideal digital camera, for example, becomes a breeze. You set the requirements you need to apply and you see instantly which articles match those requirements. No need to perform tedious traditional search nor to wait for results. Here you actually see the products/items matching your query neatly displayed in front of you.

Read my humble view why I think this is a killer application.