Rip on the Google artist and ye shall reap the wrath of Google

I can related to the feeling that Google must have regarding someone ripping on that amazing artist that does the Google doodles. Nothing is more irritating to spend hours coming up with an idea only to have some dork put it down.

Lucky for the person that does that Google doodles Google is quick to come to their defense – publicly too.

At Google we take user email seriously. If you ask us for help with a Google-related problem, we’ll do our best to solve it. If you send us product feedback, we’ll consider and perhaps implement your suggestion. And if you impugn the artistic integrity of the guy who draws the Google doodles, you can expect a very direct and very public smackdown.

Here’s the doodle that graced our home page on Wednesday:

nd here’s an email received by our User Support team, along with the Blog’s response:

In reference to holiday illustration #3, I am curious as to how the larger polar bear learned, over a period of a few days, how to roll blobs of snow in almost perfect spheres. I mean, wouldn’t this require a few thousand years of mental evolution, not to mention the concept of throwing objects and the idea of guessing how much power to put behind their throw in order for the snowball to land in an acceptable radius of the target…