The Goodies I Got

Scribbled by Matt Wilkinson

Holiday Greetings, boys and girls! What kind of goodies did you get this Christmas? Here’s a sampling of some of the great items I received so far:

* Kensington Laptop Desktop USB
* Crumpler “Crisp Suit” laptop messenger bag
* Real Clay Poker chips and professional playing cards
* Handheld Texas Hold ‘Em Electronic Game
* Chipotle Gift Card
* Spongebob Squarpants Cookie (already consumed)
* Star Trek: Enterprise ornament (Vulcan Command Ship)
* Shawn of the Dead DVD

We have “A Christmas Story” on the TV right now… TBS is running a marathon of that classic movie. One of my absolute favorites. Later today, I’ll be heading to my sister- and brother-in-law’s place, where we’ll put on National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation on his new home cinema (and I do mean Cinema). Screening this movie has become a holiday tradition.

We spoiled our two cats with an avalanche of catnip toys from Petco (“where my money goes”), some smelly fish treats, and a battery operated “bug jar” with fake moths that float around inside. Hours of feline fun.

I always have to fight my inner-Scrooge around this time of year, but this Christmas has been pretty good so far. I hope you are enjoying the holiday with your friends and family as much as I am!