Broadcasting your PowerPoint Presentation

As you learned in a previous article, PowerPoint 2002 gives you the ability to broadcast a PowerPoint presentation. You also learned how to schedule a broadcast. Once you have completed this step, you are ready to set up your presentation for the broadcast.

As with most presentations, you usually want to spend a few minutes before you start to get things organized. The same holds true when you plan to broadcast a PowerPoint presentation. So here are the steps you should complete to get ready for your presentation.

  1. Open your PowerPoint presentation that you are broadcasting.
  2. Click Slide Show, point to Online Broadcast, and click Start Live Broadcast Now.
  3. Click Broadcast when prompted.
  4. The Broadcast Presentation dialog box is displayed. It will display the status of your presentation as it is prepared.
  5. Click the Audio Message button to create a message that will appear on the Lobby page when users join the broadcast.
  6. You can view the Lobby page at any time by selecting the Preview Lobby Page button.
  7. You can press Start when you are ready.

You can then proceed through your presentation. When you are finished you can simply close your presentation.