Motorola Bluetooth Wireless Portable Speaker HF800

The world continues to look more blue all of the time. With today’s look at the Motorola Bluetooth Wireless Portable Speaker HF800, we get to see more of that Bluetooth magic we love so well!

You know, I have to admit. As of right this minute, I can honestly say that I simply do not own any Bluetooth devices whatsoever. Having said that, I read articles like the one mentioned here and I quickly come to the conclusion that this stuff is just too cool not have at least something that is truly Bluetooth enabled! Where’s my wallet?

JSmall, sleek and extremely portable! That’s the Motorola Bluetooth Wireless Portable Speaker HF800. Smaller than the Motorola MPx220 MS Smartphone, the HF800 is actually designed not only as a portable speaker and mic in the car, but also take with you to the office or clip it on your belt. Because the HF800 has its own built-in battery and can be charged with either the Motorola in-vehicle charger or the standard Motorola wall A/C charger, it’s not tied to your car. A very good idea for those who wish to invest in one product and use it anywhere they go. Add very nice voice quality, easy pairing with Bluetooth enabled phones and a sleek industrial design to the mix, and you’ve got a Blutooth portable wireless speaker that’s hard to resist.

The Motorola HF800 wireless speaker has a clean design with only a multi-function button on the front, a mute button on the left “ear” and a three way volume jog dial on the left side. There are two mic holes above the multi-function button which also doubles as LED and there is a headset jack located on the right “ear”. The speaker is lightweight and made of gray and silver color plastic with a mirror-like glossy face plate. Underneath the plate, the casing houses a one-watt speaker that’s quite loud. There is a charging port on the bottom of kit that can connect to the Motorola in-vehicle charger or the Motorola standard A/C wall charger. The shape of the HF800 is pleasing and feels ergonomic in the hand. The size of the speaker is actually pretty small and you can put it in your shirt pocket, or wear it with a strap around your neck, and of course you can put it anywhere in your car.