Cisco donates $2.5 million for tsunami relief efforts in Asia

In an act of kindness and generosity, Cisco and their employees have donated the tidy sum of $2.5 million for tsunami relief efforts in Asia. While I would be the last person to discount such a kind act of humanity, why is it we only see this sort of thing when it is being flashed before our eyes in the news?

After all, there are a lot of other places that have major problems that are no less devastating than what Asia is having to contend with right now. What makes this so different?

Cisco Systems and its employees have donated $2.5 million for humanitarian relief and reconstruction projects for those affected by the earthquakes and the subsequent tsunamis that ravaged coastlines across South Asia, the company said Thursday.

Cisco has donated $1 million as a company and the Cisco Systems (Profile, Products, Articles) Foundation has pleged at least $1 million more to match donations made by Cisco employees, the company said in a statement. Cisco employees have so far donated $460,000 and that number is expected to eventually reach $1 million, it said.

The donations are primarily focused on humanitarian releif efforts for those affected by the earthquakes, Cisco said. The company is working with non-governmental organizations including the Red Cross to determine how best to allocate the donated funds, it said.

Cisco is also working with NetHope, a collaborative project set up by a group of non-governmental organizations including Habitat for Humanity International and the Christian Children’s Fund.