Old Coffee Makers Are Still Cool!

Two people wrote to me and said they won’t give up their old-fashioned coffee maker for the pod-style ones just yet. Ah, I should’ve mentioned that the review
wasn’t about replacing those, but a review of the single-brewers without comparing them to the good ol’ machines. Should’ve thought to mention that.

I love my Braun FlavorSelect KF-187. Sadly, it’s not made anymore. I’ve yet to see it appear in eBay or anywhere else on the Internet. I figure someone has a new one sitting and collecting dust somewhere. I don’t know how long I’ve had it for, but its base is wearing out from Paul leaving coffee on the burner for too long, too many times. I even contacted Braun and the rep said to look for the KF-180. No way. Uh-uh. The 187 has a couple of features I use all the time that’s not on the 180.

This morning I tried Cool Beans’ San Francisco Blend, making a 9 oz. cup. Shoulda made a 7 oz. cup as it was too weak for my taste—it tasted exactly how I used to drink my coffee 10 years ago. It’s perfect for Paul. So far, the pods are striking out. I can’t put two Cool Beans’ pods in it because remember my friend tried that and coffee went everywhere other than the cup. Maybe the Starbucks pods will work… if I find them.

Since Paul and I drink coffee at different strengths, I’m always making one cup in the morning, rarely more than that. So that’s where the single-brewers have an advantage. But on the flip side, I can control the strength of the coffee far better with the Braun and make a full pot when company is here.