Podcasts bring DIY radio to the web

It’s nice to see the mainstream press picking up on the whole ‘Podcasting’ trend as it has become so popular with many of the iPod lovers these days. One thing that I think the press seems to miss more often than they really should is that this is not something that is limited to iPod users.

Besides, calling Podcasting does seem to be a little too limiting anyway.

But more and more iPod owners are filling that space with audio content created by an unpredictable assortment of producers.

It is called “podcasting” and its strongest proponent is former MTV host and VJ (video jockey) Adam Curry.

Podcasting takes its name from the Apple iPod, although you do not need an iPod to create one or to listen to a podcast.

A podcast is basically an internet-based radio show which podcasters create, usually in the comfort of their own home.

They need only a microphone, a PC, and some editing software. They then upload their shows to the internet and others can download and listen to them, all for free.

Using technology based on XML computer code and RSS – Really Simple Syndication – listeners can subscribe to podcasts collected automatically in a bit of software, which Mr Curry has pioneered.

The latest MP3 files of shows can then be picked up by a music playing device automatically.