Add Scanned Pictures and Digital Photos to Your Word Documents

Word 2002 (and previous versions of the application) ship with clip art that you can easily insert into your documents. However, with the increasing popularity of digital cameras, scanners, and other photo imaging technology, you an image that you have captured that would be more suited to your document than clip art. Word 2002 has the built-in tools to allow you to easily add images from digital cameras and scanners to your documents.

The steps below describe how you can add an image to your word document. Before you begin make sure the device (digital camera or scanner) is already attached to your computer. Then you’re ready to begin.

  1. Open your word document.
  2. Click Insert, point to Picture, and select From Scanner Or Camera.
  3. Use the drop down arrow to select the device you want to use.
  4. Select the resolution you want to use.
  5. Click Insert.
  6. If the Insert button is unavailable, your scanner may not support automatic scanning. Instead, click Custom Insert.