The SPX Bundle – Capture, Edit, Enhance

It is a rare moment in my life that I am asked to review software that truly amazes, no, blows me away completely. The developers at Moodysoft may have done just that their graphic editing bundle. I have spent the better part of today getting to know their software designed to make working with screen shot presentations, graphic art work, photos and yes, even Web comics just a lot easier.

The software programs responsible for knocking me clean off my rocker are as follows. SPX Instant Screen Capture, SPX Graphic Editor and last but certainly not least SPX Studio. Alright, let’s get started, shall we?

SPX Instant Screen Capture

Now as most of us already know, screen capture programs are pretty hit or miss. With the vast majority maintaining a level of usability that is nothing short of atrocious, most of us find ourselves settling for whatever happens to be placed in front of us.

Well, now you have a choice and you will not have to feel like you are ‘making do’ any longer. SPX Instant Screen Capture gave me options that I really wanted and expected from a decent screen capture software program. Just start the program, use your right mouse button to activate and then simply choose the selection you want to take a screen shot of. It is just that simple! Unlike many other programs, you can free hand capture round or rectangle shots including elusive pull down menus.

Feeling creative? The ability to add a little something different is right there at your finger tips if you want it. Since it can be set to open right up into SPX Graphic Editor, you can quickly and easily make any needed changes to the screen shot without having to search for another editing program. To me, I consider this to be integration with the user in mind! Want a list of some of the other features, just follow this link.

SPX Graphic Editor

Quite possibly a real viable alternative to Photoshop Elements. SPX Graphic Editor puts the user in control without making them feel foolish as some other editing programs have been known to do in the past. The power of simplicity in practice. This program really puts a friendly face on innovation and ease of use. Using icons that are not only easy to find, but also named in such a way that the user is not left trying to figure out what the heck each one is for was a wise choice in this reviewers opinion. So, what features does it actually have? Ask and you shall receive…

Tools available

  • Selection – Select areas within your image using different shapes.
  • Pen – Enhance your image by using this tool to draw through your image.
  • Line – Enhance your image by inserting a variety of line types.
  • Shape – Use shapes to attract attention to specific areas within your image.
  • Fill – Enhance your image by filling in colors to specific areas.
  • Airbrush – Enhance your image with a color spray effect.
  • Stamp – The Stamp tool allows you to apply a range of graphics to your image.
  • Text – Enhance your image by adding text to areas within your image.
  • Highlight – Draw attention to particular areas of your image using the highlight tool.
  • Eraser – Erase colors within your image.
  • Picker – Identify the RGB values of the colors within your image.
  • Pan – If you enlarge your image, use the pan tool to navigate and bring other areas of the image into view.
  • Zoom – Magnify and reduce the view for your image.
  • Color – Pick foreground and background colors for your image.

Folks, right off the bat I was able to use this editor without having to look at the instructions once. All of the tools I needed were made available to me and I was amazed at how fast this program ran. Unlike Photoshop which is known for dragging down any free system resources that you might have, SPX Graphic Editor started quickly and was definitely responsive as I had hoped.

In addition to features that you might expect to find in Photoshop, SPX Graphic Editor has some neat little extras with their version of the stamp tool. Give your presentations a little ‘pizzazz’ with a lighting bolt or perhaps a show off your idea with a 3D light bulb instead. Whatever your choice, your finished product is sure to standout by using this product.

SPX Studio

Want to add some cool annotations to your work, then this is the tool you will be wanting to use! Amazingly simple to use. No need to spend hours searching the instructions for hours as to where to find ‘this or that’. Your presentation or projects will really stand out with the tools that this software gives you.

The bundle

For my money, I would be inclined to just get the bundle myself. Not only is it priced extremely reasonable but get all the tools you need to make sure your next presentation, tutorial or even Web comic comes out the way you are wanting. Try this software out today. I mean, I was sold within my first 10 minutes and I am one of the pickiest people on this side of cyberspace! You can download and try each program for free for a period of 15 days, so there is no reason to continue struggling with your existing editing software. Get off that sinking ship, it is time to try something proven to work right the first time!

For my money, I would definitely go with SPX software bundle in a stone cold minute, no question about it. Then again, I like to work smarter, not harder.