Audio That's Twice As Nice

Q: I’m going to be taking a trip with a friend in the very near future. My laptop is coming with me, and I was wondering if there is any way for my friend and I to listen to the same audio output through two sets of headphones.

A: Yeah, I’m sure your friend doesn’t want to watch you have all the fun while you’re viewing movies and listening to music, and in the meantime, he’s listening to a baby with a bloodcurdling scream. After all, movies and music are usually much more enjoyable when you share them with someone else.

This goal of yours is very easy to achieve. All you’re going to need is a headphone splitter. This device plugs into the single headphone output on your soundcard and then branches off into two separate outputs. Just plug two headphone sets into the device and you’ll be ready to share the sonic goodness. A number of manufacturers develop these devices, but I found one in particular from Belkin for a reasonable price.

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