Microsoft Optical Desktop comes with Fingerprint Reader

Granted, the technology that allows for this Microsoft fingerprint reader to work is certainly cool. But I am just not all all that sure it will ever fly the way we want it to to be perfectly honest.

We all know someone at home or at the office who can never remember their passwords. These are the people who have stickers all over their monitor and desk in plain view for anyone to look at. Microsoft is hoping to eliminate this problem by offering a new form of password management technology; a fingerprint scanner built directly into the keyboard. While fingerprint technology is far from new, price and availability have so far prevented it from being used in the home or on every system in the office.

The digital security industry is a multi billion-dollar industry and is growing at a tremendous rate due to the proliferation of computers into domestic and commercial areas of life. Whether itís protecting your personal computer from an intruder or protecting your company secrets, security is an immense venture. Of course, if you’re already considering the Microsoft Optical Desktop with Fingerprint Reader, you already know how important security is.

The keyboard and mouse market is flourishing as well. Walk into any popular home electronics outlet and you will see dozens of individual products for sale in addition to at least five different combination packages. Although the fingerprint reader is a neat gadget, the keyboard and mouse must be solid products as well in order for this product to succeed.