10 Reasons Nonprofits Should Use RSS

Being a nonprofit is hard enough. Trying to maintain your presence on the Web, well that is no piece of cake either. Rather than trying things that have been proven not to work, consider using RSS to help get your message out there for ya.

(The following depends on the notion that you have a notion of what RSS/web feeds/aggregators are. If you don’t, read one of the above. “RSS (protocol)” and “What’s RSS and Why Should I Care About It?” are both easy starting places)

The argument we frequently find ourselves using is that none of that explains the reasons nonprofits should do it. Frankly, nonprofits should use RSS for the same reasons everyone else should. But here goes — 10 reasons translated into nonprofit-speak.

This is the start of what may eventually be a TechSoup article. Please give me your feedback in the comments — and make sure that I have a way of crediting your contribution.