ExpressCard: New Standard For Notebooks

The PCMCIA (Personal Computer Memory Card International Association) has announced a new standard : the ExpressCard. The new ExpressCard is smaller than today’s standards and provides additional compatibility with strategic architectures.

Today’s PCMCIA cards are roughly 85mm long x 54 mm wide. The smaller ExpressCard will come in two physical configurations, the smaller of the two at 75mm long x 34 mm wide. According to the official ExpressCard website, the advantages of the new form factor and technology include:

A Smaller & Faster PC Card Solution.

Suitable for Mobile and Desktop Systems.

Supports USB 2.0 and PCI Express Applications.

Lower System and Card Complexity.

New ExpressCard products are expected over the next several months; like any technology transformation, I expect that we’ll see manufacturers provide slots for both the old and the new card. With the right products, I expect the old cards will be phased out within the next one to two years.