Jeff & Natasha's Wedding Bells…

Dearest fans of Jeff & Natasha,

Over the weekend, in what is sure to be one of the red carpet events of
the decade, I asked the beautiful and glamorous Miss Natasha to be my
wife, and she accepted. As you can imagine, it was quite the media
spectacle; cameras were everywhere. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house
during the proposal (the ring was pink sapphire, for those fashionistas
out there!), which was immediately followed by a standing ovation from
the audience and a big fireworks finale.

As much as we wish that all of you could have been at this grand and
momentous event, fear not; the whole thing was recorded for our reality
TV show, and the episode will hopefully be a big ratings boost for

By the way, I’m serious about all of this. The cameras. The audience.
The fireworks. The TV show. All of it.

Are you ready for this one?

In what could perhaps be one of the most time-consuming and epic labors
of love of the millennium thus far, I created a four and a half minute
animation for Natasha, and at the end, it said the words “Will U Marry
Me?” I then filled a movie theater with friends and family and showed
it to her on the big screen (she thought she was going to see a regular
movie, and when we entered, the theater was already dark, so she didn’t
know who was in the audience).

And the whole thing was filmed for the TV show “Perfect Proposal” on

The whole thing was a complete surprise to Natasha, who’s still in a
state of shock. I’m shocked that I was able to pull the whole thing
off, especially without her knowing, as literally hundreds of people
knew or were involved (just to create the animation, I organized a team
of twenty animators to help me, as well as at least a dozen or so
others helping with modeling, texturing, sound, music, and various
other technical aspects). I’m also shocked that it’s finally done; I’ve
had the idea for over a year; I started working on it about six months
ago; I’ve been working like a madman for three; and I’ve been just
about killing myself for the last month. But it was worth every second.

If you’d like to see the animation, you can view it here.

Keep in mind the file is about 151mb, so you’ll need a high speed
Internet connection (and it’ll probably still take awhile to download);
plus you’ll need Quicktime or a Quicktime compatible player to view it.

The show should air on TLC in about two or three months. We’ll keep you
all posted.

So, with the breakup of Brad and Jen last Friday, and Bennifer2 never
quite reaching the media-circus frenzy of Bennifer1, it looks as though
Natasha & I are Hollywood’s new reigning power couple. Big thanks to
you, our fans, for making it all possible!

Big hugs!

Jeff (& Natasha)

P.S. By the way, we haven’t set a date yet, so don’t ask. I’ve told
Natasha I’m not discussing any wedding plans for a month. Seriously.
One month. I don’t care if you believe me.

One. Month. [Brett Schulte]