Solve A Windows XP Login Problem In A NetWare Network

If you are running a NetWare network without a Windows domain, you’ll notice that users will have a difficult time logging into a Windows client machine, even if their NetWare credentials are correct. See what needs to be done to solve this issue.


TechRepublic member karini4 posed this question in the Technical Q&A:

“I have a Novell 6.5 SBS with a Windows XP machine using Novell client 4.90 and another with 4.90 SP2. Both of these clients require the user to log in to the server. If the user has an account on the Windows machine, it works okay, but if they don’t, Windows XP prompts for a Windows password. How can I make the Windows XP machines take the Novell login username and password regardless of who it is – as long as they are authenticated on the server?”

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