Google – Bringing Us To The Next Level.

Google started in 1996 as a school
project for Stanford University, but soon became so much more than
that. The names of the two students who started this project are
Sergey Brin and Larry Page. Starting in a garage, as only two
employees, they formed a company that is worth as much as Ford and
General Motors put together.

Google is probably one of the fastest growing companies. It is said
to be expanding so quickly that it may just get out of control. To
keep this problem out of the way, it hires 25 people a week, and
it gets about 1000 resumes a day.

In fact, Google has become so popular that the word “Google” is now
known as a verb. Like “I googled this,” or “I googled that.”
The best of all, Google has never done any radio or television
commercials. Everyone found out about Google through people spreading
the word.

The Googleplex (The Google headquarters), is a well known place, and
even people at the Googleplex act as if they are in a college dorm.
Even Google employees still act and dress like they are in college.
Leaving bikes in the hallways, bringing pets to work, playing ping-pong during their
breaks, and playing a volleyball game every day at noon. Cofounder
Sergey Brin said that they are trying to make work a good lifestyle,
since work is where they spend most of their time. They try their best
to make the employees happy.

Both cofounders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are worth as much as six
billion dollars each at the ages of 31 and 32. Yet, they’re trying
their best not to let money get in their way and distract them.

Bill Gates admitted that “Google kicked our butt in Internet search.”
He just released his own Internet search engine simply because he
doesn’t like getting his butt kicked. Google is still trying to fight
back, but not trying to show it. One of its latest products, “Google
Desktop,” searches through files on computers, somewhat like what Microsoft’s
product does. This was obviously a direct shot at Microsoft.

A goal Google is trying to accomplish is to translate Web pages. If
you were to type in “Peter Barbosa” or “Lockergnome” and up came an
article in Russian, it could automatically be translated into English.
This is just one goal. Another is too make television shows and
movies searchable.

The genius of Google is that it comes up with new technology and new
Ideas that will probably be instrumental in changing the future. It has released a
product named “Google SMS” that can be installed into any mobile
phone to search for businesses nearby. You would text message a certain
number to Google, then type in the keyword of the store you are
looking for, like “pharmacy” or “pizza” and it will give you the
closest relevant store.

Google believes that in the future it will make a product that can
scan a product at a store that is overpriced, and it will show
comparisons of that exact product – just at different stores within a

Google says that it is going to make the future by letting search
no longer exist on your PC, but outside the box.