CMMS Keeps It Running

Computerized maintenance management software (or CMMS for short) helps take the worry out of keeping everything running–whether or not someone’s there babysitting when something goes awry. Built-in machine alarms can immediately trigger a maintenance call. But it’s not just about emergencies. A good CMMS system will allow your organization to minimize equipment downtime while keeping the lid on maintenance labor costs. You’ll find CMMS solutions targeted at everything from public works to the factory floor …

The efficient scheduling of preventive maintenance (PM) is one of the most important aspects of CMMS. Preventive maintenance is based upon machine hours (meter readings) or calendar-basis. A proper CMMS system will have the ability to generate PM work orders automatically, based upon the predetermined milestones. Comprehensive schedule management is essential, as well. The CMMS system needs to provide work schedules for both work groups and individuals, as necessary.

You can’t keep your machines running if you don’t have the parts on hand to fix them. That’s why a parts inventory management system is a critical function of many CMMS installations. If you know that the parts are on the shelf or in transit, you’ll have a better grasp on up- and down-time. An integrated requisition and purchasing module helps keep the shelves stocked.

While you’ll find a good number of CMMS apps on the market, the vendors aren’t likely to have familiar names.

Eagle Technology’s Proteus Maintenance Management Software is one example of a CMMS that provides a host of features: multi-cycle scheduling, resource allocation, master scheduling, budgeting, alarms, time cards, key performance indicators, and email work orders. With more than 3000 customers, Eagle crows: “This workhorse of a maintenance management system will help extend asset life! Improve productivity! Decrease operating costs! Increase equipment uptime!” Now that’s a whole lotta exclamation points!

Want to tap into your maintenance management software from home? CyberMetrics FaciliWorks 6i is a web-based app that runs as an ASP with shared SQL-server database. Equipsoft is based upon a web architecture as well.

In addition to Eagle, CyberMetrics, and Equipsoft, other CMMS vendors include: COGZ, Davison Software, eMaint, EPAC Software Technologies, Mapcon, MASS Group, Smartware Group, SMGlobal, Synergen, Tero Consulting, Tracker Software, and others.