Scripting Guys Free T-Shirt

So How Do I Get That Free T-Shirt?

No doubt the first time you heard about the new Scripting Guys T-shirt you said to yourself, “Wow, I’d love to have one of those. But people like me never get to wear fancy clothes like that. I bet the only people who have Scripting Guys T-shirts are those high-priced supermodels from Paris.” Well, guess what: those high-priced supermodels don’t have Scripting Guys T-shirts, and they’re none too happy about that. (In fact, they’re apparently so upset that they won’t even return our phone calls.)

And here’s something that might shock you even more: you actually have a better chance of getting a Scripting Guys T-shirt than those high-priced supermodels do. That’s because there’s only one way to get a T-shirt: you need to complete these three simple procedures.

Oh, come on: three procedures is not too many, at least not when you see what those three procedures actually consist of:

That’s pretty easy; you were planning on doing that anyway, right? Watch at least one of the Scripting Week webcasts and fill out the evaluation form at the end. That’s all you have to do for this step.

Right now we have a virtual lab available on TechNet that focuses on WMI scripting; by the time Scripting Week 2 rolls around, we’ll have a second lab that focuses on using ADSI scripts to manage Active Directory. To fulfill this requirement you just need to give either lab a whirl. (Hey, try both if you want; after all, they’re free!)

During Scripting Week 2 (January 24-28, 2005) a script submission tool will be available from the Scripting Week 2 home page. Use that tool and send us a script. We don’t really care what kind of script; all we ask is that the scripts be no more than 50 lines long, with each line of code no more than 80 characters long. But that’s it; it doesn’t matter what the script does or what language it’s written in – that’s entirely up to you.