Get Your Handspring Visor on the Internet

Got an old Handspring Visor sitting around, collecting dust? Or better yet, have you been stubbornly hanging on to it because your entire life is contained within its silicon guts? Don’t count it useless just yet, as you can now get a wireless Internet connection going for that puppy.

The first of two Hack A Day links I’m going to share with you this evening involves using GPRS to make the connection. I’ll admit I’m not sure how practical this would really be, but if you like hacking old gear — or, again, really need what’s on your device — you may want to give it a shot.

The HOWTO is fairly straightforward if a bit kludgy. The author’s using a European network for the actual connection, but there is GPRS available in the US and it probably wouldn’t be terribly difficult to find a suitable phone to serve as a modem.

If anyone actully pulls this off, I’d love to hear about it.