Removing Windows software updates in the wrong order may cause problems

Just because it is the easy way to do something does not mean that it is the right way. Like most things in life, if you try something with Windows that you suspect could end up causing problems, chances are that it will.

Well, removing your Microsoft updates in the wrong order can most certainly be hazardous to your health – your PC’s health that is.

Your operating system may not function correctly or may not function at all after you remove a Microsoft Windows software update by using the Add or Remove Programs tool in Control Panel or by using the Spuninst.exe file. When you remove a Windows software update, you may receive a warning message that is similar to the following:

Setup detected the following programs on your computer:
List of software updates and applications
If software update is removed, these programs may not run correctly. Do you want to continue?

This issue occurs if you remove the Windows software updates from the operating system in the wrong order.

Note To keep the files on the operating system consistent, remove Windows software updates in the opposite order of the order that you installed the updates. Remove the most recently installed Windows software update first, remove the next most recently installed software update next, and then so on.