Tomahawk PDF+ v2.0.2.0

Careware – this means it is free for anyone to download and use (for personal use only). If you like the software, please show that you care by donating US$20.00 to help with further software development. Your donation will entitle you to download the compiled help file for Tomahawk PDF+.

Tomahawk PDF+ gives you a complete PDF file creation suite right on your computer. Tomahawk can also be used as an advanced editor for rtf, txt, tmd (our own format) and other file formats.

Features include:

  1. Tables – Tomahawk supports tables and tables nested inside of other tables. You can set the border style, background color (in both tables and cells), border style, embed images, cell alignment, etc. Insert or delete rows and columns into existing tables. Merge and split cells.
  2. Table Headers – Table header row(s) can be set to repeat on subsequent pages during
    print-outs or exporting to PDF for large tables.

  3. Background images – Set a background image for your document. Images can be displayed as tiled, normal, or stretched. Tables can have their own background image.
  4. Bullets – Tomahawk supports several levels of bullets, including the ability to use images as bullets.
  5. Colors – Tomahawk supports text colors, text background colors, paragraph colors, table and cell colors.
  6. Export and Import – Import files in rtf, text, html, MS Word, WordPerfect, etc. depending on what file convertors are loaded on your computer.
  7. Spell check – Spell check and Thesaurus are available for download!
  8. Search and Replace text.
  9. Embedded Hyperlink support.
  10. Page setup with headers and footers.
  11. Embed images inside your text with resizing capability.
  12. Drag & drop inserting for supported files and images.
  13. Superscript and subscript support.
  14. Underline, Overline and strikeout support.
  15. Paragraph spacing.
  16. Full text search enabled in the PDF file.
  17. Print and Print Preview.
  18. Native Richtext (RTF), tmd (our own special format) and txt file format editing.
  19. Does NOT require any Acrobat software to be installed on your computer.
  20. Insert special characters.
  21. Extract and Import PDF text and images.
  22. Image Manager – Manipulate images on your hard drive: rotate, invert, flip, mirror, apply color and special effects, convert entire folder of images to a different format.
  23. PDF output capability of:
    • Hiding the menu bar in Acrobat.
    • Hiding the tool bar in Acrobat.
    • Prevent printing.
    • Prevent copying.
    • Prevent changing the structure.
    • Set the margins.
    • Set the Title field.
    • Set the Author field.
    • Set the Subject field.
    • Set the Keywords.
    • Password protect your PDF file with an user and/or owner passwords.
    • MORE…