Western Digital Wants Some of the Apple Pie, Too

Looks like the iPod craze is catching in the hard drive sector, too. Western Digital announced today that it will not only make a 1 inch high-capacity hard drive, but it will be busting at the seams with 6GB, baby! The WD has got its sights on more then just iPods as the press release talks about digital cameras, PDAs, and even video cameras. Yes, the days of mega byte are long gone as giga now rules in the pocket!

Serving a rapidly expanding base of customers for mass storage, Western Digital Corp. (NYSE: WDC) announced today that the company will enter the market for miniature hard drives with a family of 1-inch drives that enable a variety of handheld consumer devices, which are experiencing explosive demand.

An increasing number of current applications, such as MP3 players, PDAs, digital still cameras and digital video cameras, rely on 1-inch hard drives. Newly available and future products enabled by innovations in rotating magnetic storage, such as 1-inch drives, have driven demand in the quickly developing market segment that includes combination digital video/still cameras and cell phones.

WDs miniature drive entry is expected to ship in the second calendar quarter of 2005. The 1-inch hard drive will spin at 3,600 RPM and will be available in capacities up to 6 GB. This new hard drive will be offered with the standard CF II interface and form factor, which enables it to fit into the millions of currently available devices accepting CF II cards, as well as easily integrate into future products. It will feature WDs anti-skip technology that supports uninterrupted audio and video playback. The drive also will incorporate WDs patent-pending advanced power management techniques to enable the longest possible battery life.