26% of Canadians Unsure of Their Home Networking Technology?

This press release from Parks Associates aims to drive home the idea that wireless home networking has become more popular than its wired counterpart. But the data presented shows a statistical blip that just makes you want to go “huh?” I for one, can’t imagine that every single American polled knew whether their home network was Wi-Fi or Ethernet, while 26% of the Canadians hadn’t a clue …

DALLAS, TX — (MARKET WIRE) — 01/18/2005 — The number of households using Wi-Fi wireless technology for home networking has surpassed the number using Ethernet, according to “Global Digital Living,” a recent survey by Parks Associates. This study, which surveyed consumers in Europe and North America on technology adoption and use, found 52% of U.S. households with a home network use Wi-Fi and 50% use Ethernet. By comparison, only 32% of Canadian households with a home network use Wi-Fi, 43% use Ethernet, and 26% were unsure which technology they were using.

“This is truly a watershed finding,” said John Barrett, director of research at Parks Associates. “Establishing a solid base of wireless home networks is crucial for the adoption of next-generation services. Many applications such as home control, home security, or even multimedia distribution are impractical with an Ethernet-only network.”

Barrett credited the surge in Wi-Fi adoption to the cable TV and telephone companies that offer broadband Internet service. “Service providers have been aggressive in bundling wireless home networks with broadband service over the last year. It’s a smart move that will ultimately pay off for them because they will be best positioned to offer next-generation services to the consumer.”

What say ye, fine ‘Gnomies, both north and south of the border? Do you credit the surge in Wi-Fi adoption to your cable and telephone companies? Could 26% of Canadians really be clueless about what type of network they’re using, with 100% of the Americans uber-network savvy?

I’m just not buying it. All my friends in the great white north are pretty hep cats … I won’t start slinging the mud on the other side of the fence …