Internet Explorer under attack from Firefox browser

I am not going to start ripping on IE again, but in all honesty…could its days truly be numbered? According to this article from Computer Weekly, it seems that it is not only likely, but it could even be inevitable! While IE still holds onto some 90% of the market, Firefox is growing every single day. In just one month, it gained 1% without even breathing hard.

Internet Explorer may have won market dominance against the Netscape browser, but web analytics company says that Firefox has already captured 5% of the US market.

Firefox is enjoying widespread word of mouth recommendations across internet chat-rooms, and with the Opera browser and the Safari browser from Apple also making market progress, expects Explorer to soon fall below the 90% take-up figure.

Explorer currently has 90.3% of the US market, but Firefox has grabbed an extra 1% in just a month, demonstrating take-up that is starting to snowball. It is estimated that almost 20m Firefox browsers have been downloaded worldwide in the last 10 weeks.

Explorerís position is not helped by the fact that it is currently the main target of most browser-based security attacks.