Linux laptops get Centrino inside

Looks as if Centrino is also going to have “Linux inside’ and vice-versa! Builderau is reporting that we are going to start seeing Linux laptops running with Centrino, well officially anyway. See, till recently Intel did not allow for the Centrino logo to be used on Linux laptops. Glad to see Intel waking up to what is becoming a highly competitive laptop marketplace.

Improvements to Linux have led Intel to permit Linux laptops to sport the Centrino brand for the first time.

Although Linux can run on existing Centrino notebooks, Intel until now wouldn’t permit companies to sell Linux laptops using the Centrino logo.

Karen Regis, manager of mobile programs and promotions at the chipmaker said the reason for the change was that with the release of the 2.6.8 Linux kernel, the open source operating system’s power management abilities now meet Intel’s requirements for Centrino notebook battery life.

“It was important to deliver what people expect out of the brand,” Regis said, speaking at the launch of the new Sonoma version of the Centrino technology.

Linux isn’t widely used on mainstream desktop and laptop computers, but Intel has joined Red Hat, Novell, Sun, IBM, Hewlett-Packard and others in trying to boost the open source operating system in the market.

That’s something of a turnaround for a company that took a year after the initial Centrino launch to release prototype Linux support for the wireless network chip. Microsoft Windows was able to use Centrino’s wireless networking immediately after its release.